Smoker's Choice Filtered Large Cigars Red

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9 units
Filtered Cigars
Smoker's Choice
Ring Gauge:
3 7/8
Package Type:
Full Flavor

Smoker’s Choice Red Large cigars are rich in flavor and come with an affordable price tag. They are perfect for price-conscious smokers who want good-quality smokes at inexpensive prices. Make every moment of your hard-earned break count with these aromatic, full-flavored smokes with an earthy taste. 

Smoker’s Choice filtered cigars are machine-made in Scottsdale, Arizona by the Prime Time International Company, a leading American tobacco product manufacturer known for their premium cigar brands. Each cigar measures 3 ⅞ inches in length and has a ring gauge of 20. Smoker’s Choice Red Large cigars are available in red-colored boxes containing 10 packs of 20 pieces each. Endowed with a pleasing aroma and a premium taste, these stogies are trust-worthy alternatives to expensive, hand-rolled cigars. They come with filter tips that ensure a smoother smoke texture. These cigars are best-enjoyed with a glass of light rum, which has slightly sweet undertones that complement their flavor profile.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
3 7/8 x 20 10 Packs of 20 Natural Strength Mild USA
quantity: 10 packs of 20|