Baccarat Toro

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Baccarat Toro cigars are a mild and sweet everyday smoke. Featuring vintage Honduran fillers and a smooth, golden Honduran Connecticut wrapper, the finishing touch is a sweet cap that gives the cigar its unique sweet, smooth and creamy flavor. These mild bodied smokes exude notes of cedar, cocoa and nuts that is also aromatic and are an excellent smoke for any time of day. Baccarat Toro is 6 x 50 and available in five packs and boxes of 25 cigars.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
6 x 50 (Toro) Box of 25 Honduran Connecticut Honduran Honduran Strength Mild Honduras

Baccarat Cigars

Tasting Notes

In this review, I smoked a petite corona baccarat cigar.


Baccarat cigars enjoy excellent construction. They are mildly spongy with no soft spots or bulges. The wrapper is a little veiny with barely visible seals. It smells of sweet leathery pepper with a barnyard cold draw. I also noticed notes of dry tobacco and chocolatey espresso. The draw is superb with just enough resistance for a spongy build.

First Third

The first draw delivers loads of rich smoke with a pleasant toasty aroma. There is a distinctive sweetness with every draw. Most people say that the sweetness in the Baccarat cigars is blended into the wrapper. I cannot speak for the construction process, but the sweetness in the cap infuses well into the smoke. The wrapper feels a little oily on the lips, and the sweetness tends to make your mouth water which eliminates getting a dry mouth which is a common trait with most stogies. The aftertaste carries peppery notes which remain on the tongue. Strength is mild to medium, and the flavor lingers until the next draw.


This stogie is very consistent. The strength remains a mild-medium, and the flavor holds up. There are caramel notes mixed with raw coffee. I also detected toasty flavors with burnt, peppery tobacco. The burn stays razor sharp with adequate smoke. There is no peaking ember or canoeing of any sort. The ash holds up to approximately half an inch. This is a quick burn cigar though. The most you will get, if you are a moderate smoker, is 30 to 45 minutes. Even as the sweet notes diminish, the cigar does not get bitter or torrid and remains flavorful and pleasant. Towards the end of the second third, there is more of a leathery, slightly floral zest. The lingering peppery notes become fleeting and jump to the front of the palate rather than the back.

Final Third

There are no significant changes to the flavor profile. However, the taste, strength, and zing remain the same. This cigar is 100 percent consistent all the way to the stub. The burn and the construction stay solid. The stub tends to get a little warm but not too hot to be uncomfortable. The ash remains a good silver gray with no flaking. Overall, this 45-minute cigar is worth putting time aside to enjoy it.

Seldom will you find this high quality of a cigar for these prices. Baccarat cigars cover all the bases to become an easy everyday smoke. It is safe to say that every Baccarat cigar you buy is a steal for the value you get.

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