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Black And Mild Wine Pack

Black And Mild Wine Pack

Widely appreciated by tobacco aficionados, Black and Mild Wine Pack cigars give you a smoke that offers a fine blend of tobacco and wine flavors. With a matchless taste, they are best enjoyed after a hearty dinner or on a relaxed afternoon. The draw they offer is delightfully sweet and mild. Manufactured by John Middleton Co., Pennsylvania, the cigars are packed with prime pipe tobacco which is an even mix of black Cavendish with notes of Burley and golden Virginia tobaccos.

They are akin to a classic cigarillo in terms of shape and are 5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 30. This cigar allows you to experience the intensity of pipe-tobacco within a uniformly-wrapped cigar. You can purchase them in a secure assemblage of 10 boxes, each packed with 5 plastic-tipped units. The homogenized wrapper and binder help develop a uniform flavor for the duration of your smoke, leaving you with a sweet, slightly tannic aftertaste.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
5 x 30 10 Packs of 5 Natural Strength Mild USA
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Tasting Notes

Black and Mild Cigars

Tasting Notes

It is a well-known fact that Black and Mild Cigars are among the most popular in the US. In fact, statistics show close to a third of the entire US market smoke Black and Mild cigars. With these kind of numbers, it is a good thing Atria Group is a giant in cigar and tobacco production. The supply well meets the demand and that is why Black and Mild cigars are available in every cigar store both brick and mortar and online, major retail centers, and local shops all over the US.

Black and Mild Prices

Another major selling point for Black and Mild Cigars is the price. All Black and Mild Cigars sell for around a dollar with the 5 packs going for between $5.50 and $5.90, and the box of 50 going for between $38 and $42. These prices are a steal for the quality and value offered in every Black and Mild Cigar.

There are also occasional offers and discounts on various online stores so as you shop keep an eye out for them. You may end up buying a single Black and Mild cigar for 89 cents!

Black and Mild Flavor Options

Black And Mild Jazz

The Black and Mild brand is created to accommodate as many categories of stogie enthusiasts as possible. It features two sizes of cigars; the regular 5 x 30 and short 3.37 x 24, so you can choose depending on preference.

That aside, Black and Mild cigars also come with plastic and wood tips. Flavor premium connoisseurs, me included, swear by the wooded tips. They add a delicious earthy tone coupled with fresh hay to the already flavorful cigar. Either way, the tip is a great touch because it allows for a voluminous, uninhibited draw that lets you enjoy the myriad of flavors in the smoke.

Back to the flavors, Black and Mild cigars come in popping flavors including Cherry, Cherry Vanilla,  AppleCreamWine, and Sweets.

There are also flavors to appeal to pipe enthusiasts who prefer the good ol' pipe tobacco flavors. These include Black and Mild original, Natural wrap wood tip, Wood tip original, Jazz, Filtered tips, Mild, Royale, and Gold and Mild.

If you are not much for tips or filters, Black and Mild also has cigars to cater to your taste. Flavor options include Classic, Jazz, Wine, and Sweets. On the same note, if you only prefer the wooded tips, Wood tip original, Jazz, Royale, and Gold and Mild are the flavors that come with a wooden tip.

What Sets Black and Mild Apart from all other cigars in the market?

As earlier stated, Black and Mild Cigars are filled with pipe tobacco as opposed to regular cigar fillers. Let's explore this for a moment.

Cigars are filled with whole leaf fillers sourced mainly from one area, Central America. This means the flavor profile for cigars is dependent on the seed, climate, soils, and the aging process of the leaves.

Pipe tobacco, on the other hand, is sourced from different parts of the world. The main strains of pipe tobacco include Virginia, Burley, Turkish, Orientals, Latakia, and Dark Fired Kentucky, among others. Flavors are sprayed onto the leaves while the tree is still growing. This is why pipe tobacco has a wide variety of flavors infused into the filler as opposed to the flavors that are artificially added to the cap of a cigar. The aroma comes from treating the leaves with food-based casing.

Black and Mild cigars carry an array of blends including Golden Virginia, Kentucky, and Burley. You may come across Black and Mild cigars made from Cavendish tobacco but in reality, Cavendish is a blend of Virginia, Kentucky and Burley cut and cured in a particular way.

Black and Mild tobacco fillers are premium quality and the different flavor profiles are developed by carefully blending two or three different tobacco strains. Cigars that take on a sweet flavor are likely to contain Golden Virginia tobacco which is famous for its high sugar content, darker flavors come from Kentucky tobacco, while Burley tends to be subtle.

Ultimately, Black and Mild cigars deliver a unique taste appreciated by pipe enthusiasts and cigar aficionados alike. If you have not tried Black and Mild cigars yet, prepare to be amazed. 

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