Black And Mild Wood Tip Royale Pack

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Tipped with a shapely birch wood filter, the flavor of the tobacco present in Black and Mild Wood Tip Royale cigars is enriched with every drag and acquires a woody tinge with a refined quality. The filling comprises of a perfectly balanced mix of black Cavendish with Golden Virginia and Burley tobaccos which are held together by a high-quality homogenized wrapper and binder. They pair very well with a glass of potent brandy; and exude an enticingly strong and rich flavor.

The cigars are loosely modelled after a small Panatela in terms of size but fit the description of a Parejo with regard to shape. They are made by John Middleton Co., Pennsylvania in sets of 10 packs, each with 5 plastic-wrapped pieces. As to the size, they come in lengths of 5 inches with a diameter of 30. They can also be found in an assortment of flavors which include cream, apple, cherry, vanilla, and wine among others.

Cigar Size

Cigar Quantity

Cigar Wrapper

Cigar Strength

Cigar Origin

5 x 30

10 Packs of 5


Strength Mild


quantiy: 10 packs of 5|
Category: Machine Made Cigars
Brand: Black And Mild
Ring Gauge: 30
Length: 5
Shape: Cigarillo
Quantity: 50
Package Type: Pack
Flavor: Natural