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Top 5 Cigars of Summer 2021

Top 5 Cigars of Summer 2021

Ashton Symmetry, TOP 5 CIGARS OF SUMMER 2021

Top 5 Cigars of Summer 2021

There are quite a few great cigars that you can enjoy in the summer of 2021. Whether you want a medium-bodied smoke or a full-bodied smoke, this list has something for you. Here are five of the best cigars of summer 2021.

Ashton Symmetry

Ashton Symmetry Robusto

The very first cigar on our list is the Ashton Symmetry. The first thing you should know about this cigar is that it was created through collaboration between Arturo Fuente and Ashton cigars. You should also know that this cigar looks great due to its golden appearance. Quite a few people hoped and wondered what kind of cigar would come from this collaboration. Thankfully, the Ashton Symmetry does not disappoint and it belongs on our list of top 5 cigars of summer 2021.

You can also choose from four varying sizes for this cigar. This makes it even better since you are likely to find a cigar size that suits you, no matter which size you prefer. One size you can choose is the 5 x 50 Robusto. The cigar comes in a high-quality wrapper, specifically an Ecuadorian Habano, and it has two different filters, one of which is Nicaraguan and the other filter is Dominican. Additionally, the cigar's binder comes from the Dominican Republic and this cigar is a full-bodied smoke of premium quality.

You might think that it is a medium-bodied smoke because of the wrapper. However, it is definitely a full-bodied smoke. You will notice some interesting flavors as you smoke this cigar, including caramel, cinnamon, and white pepper. This further improves the experience of smoking this cigar.

The Reserva Real Nicaragua from Romeo Y Julieta

Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Churchill

Perhaps you prefer a medium-bodied smoke instead of a full-bodied smoke. If so, then the Reserva Real Nicaragua might be a great choice for you. This new smoke is made by Romeo y Julieta. As with the Ashton Symmetry, this cigar comes in a variety of different sizes. The Churchill size is an excellent choice if you have plenty of time to smoke a cigar. The Reserva Real Nicaragua was first released back in March 2020 and came about because Rafal Nodal from Altadis U.S.A. and AJ Fernandez collaborated on it.

The two of them have been friends for some time, so this collaboration isn't too surprising. This cigar is a medium-bodied pro from Nicaragua and it was made at the AJ Fernandez factory, which is located in the country of Nicaragua. You can notice some flavors while smoking this cigar, such as cocoa, cedar, black pepper, and leather. You can purchase the Reserva Real Nicaragua in four different sizes, including the aforementioned Churchill size, which is 7 x 50. If you're someone who enjoys a medium-bodied cigar, this is a very good choice.

The Edge Corojo by Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel Edge Robusto Corojo

The Edge Corojo from Rocky Patel is the next cigar on the list. This is another cigar that was created by two big names in the cigar industry teaming up and working together to create a great new cigar. Plasencia and Rocky Patel collaborated to create the Edge Corojo, a premium smoke with tobacco that has been aged up to a total of five years. Every Edge Corojo cigar contains this well-aged tobacco. There are a total of nine sizes you can choose from for this cigar.

However, one good size is the 5.50 x 54 Gran Robusto. This smoke ranges from medium to full-bodied and is covered in a Costa Rican wrapper and bound by Nicaraguan tobacco. It is also filled with tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras. Because of all these different tobaccos, this cigar includes delicious flavor notes such as earth, spice, cocoa, leather, and caramel on its backend. The Edge Corojo is primarily created for seasoned cigar smokers.

However, you can certainly try it if you are a less experienced cigar smoker. It is definitely a cigar that you should try out sometime this summer. The wide range of sizes also makes it more appealing for even novice cigar smokers.

The Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato

The Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato from Aging Room is one of the top cigars that was released in 2019 and deserves a spot on this list. AJ Fernandez is the man who created this cigar and he did so in the country of Nicaragua. In fact, this cigar was named the cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado back in 2019. The Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato from Aging Room starts with a dark Nicaragua wrapper in addition to a filler from Nicaragua along with a binder from Nicaragua.

The Quattro Nicaragua Vibratocigar is hand-rolled and is topped off with a box pressing. The Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato cigar comes in only one size, which is a 6 x 54 toro. This smoke is medium to full- bodied and comes with many great flavor notes, including chocolate, coffee beans, along with subtle notes of coconut and herbs. You can tell that the Quattro Nicaragua Vibrato cigar was created with a true passion for cigar making.


The Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro

Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro

The Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro is a cigar that you can smoke throughout the year. However, it is best during the summer. This cigar comes in the Churchill size, which is 7 x 56. It is a smoke that is medium to full-bodied.

The wrapper of this cigar is also interesting since it is a Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper. This wrapper is quite rare. You also get Nicaraguan tobaccos in both the binder and the filler. If you smoke this cigar,

you will pick up flavor notes such as pepper, earth, chocolate, and fruit. The Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro is an excellent cigar to smoke in the summer months.

The Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro is a medium to full-bodied smoke with flavor notes like fruit, pepper, earth, and chocolate. The Aging Room Quattro Vibrato is a medium to full-bodied smoke that comes with many flavor notes and includes a Nicaraguan binder. The Edge Corojo is another medium to full-bodied smoke and is mostly made for experienced cigar smokers. The Reserva Real Nicaragua is a medium-bodied smoke and is best enjoyed when you have plenty of time. The Ashton Symmetry is a full-bodied smoke with a Dominican binder in addition to a Dominican filter and a Nicaraguan filter.

I would say that my favorite cigar out of these five is the Reserva Real Nicaragua. It is a great cigar to smoke during the summer, but you can also smoke it throughout the year. Additionally, even the wrapper is well-made and the cigar has many unique flavor notes, as well. You also have plenty of sizes to choose from, with four sizes available in total. It is ideal to smoke this cigar if you can take your time and enjoy doing so, though.


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