Camacho Criollo Cigars

“As close to Cuba as you can get”, is the reputation that Camacho Criollo has forged for itself in the last decade. What makes the Criollo line of cigars different from other Camacho Cigars is that you can savor these handmade, perfectly blended stogies almost any time of the day. Camacho has a long running tradition of pleasing cigar enthusiasts who love their cigars well-constructed and impeccably flavored. So if you’re looking for something that can give Cuban cigars, a run for their money, the Camacho Criollo is the one for you.

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Criollo was kick-started as a consequence of the overwhelming demand for a mild flavored cigar from the Camacho Company; which is what made it different from their usual bold and strong punch. However, this doesn’t mean the Criollo is lacking in flavor. The level of balance and boldness creates the perfect medium-bodied array of sweet-spicy undertones. These cigars come in all the sizes including, Churchill, Gigante, Figurado, Gordo, Robusto Tubos, Criollo Toro, Robusto and Corona.

With its origin in Honduras, It has a Criollo ’98 leaf wrapper, which is aged to perfection and packed with the right amount of spice to the sweet flavor and has a bold peppery taste. It had the perfect blend of Honduran and Piloto Cubano (Dominican-grown) long-fillers, with distinctive sweet undertones, and an authentic Corojo binder. It’s a mid-intensity cigar that still packs the classic taste and punch, and brings back Camacho as the company that delivers the authentic Cuban tasting Cigar.