CAO Flathead V770 Big Block


The CAO Flathead V770 just might be the biggest box-pressed cigar around. Standing at 7 X 70 it is composed of Nicaraguan fillers and Ecuadorian binders wrapped nicely in a dark and oily Maduro Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This medium to full body smoke is a well balanced but bold cigar that features dark and spicy flavors with sweet subtle undertones and a creamy finish. The CAO Flathead V770 is a blast from the past with its retro/vintage style and is available in a box of 24 cigars. 

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
 7 X 70 (Gordo) Box of 24 Connecticut Broadleaf Ecuadorian Nicaraguan Strength Medium - Full Nicaragua

Tasting Notes

V642 Piston

This little number opens with sweet spicy notes compounded by an overall dry hay nuance. Later the sweet disposition disappears giving way to leather and mild tobacco flavours. Towards the nub, the sweetness resurfaces bringing with it all the spice and dry hay notes it can master. In the end, the V642 Piston is not overly complex but it is interesting enough to try again after a few months in the humidor.

V554 Camshaft

cao flathead camshaft v554

The V554 Camshaft is definitely my favourite of the CAO Flatheads flavour-wise. For starters, the sweet notes that introduce themselves in the first draw stay on until the last. Coupled with a dash of pepper and spice, beer and raisins this baby seems to get sweeter, more complex, and more luxurious with every draw. Towards the nub coffee and leather notes join the melee of flavours to give this stogie a strong finish.

V660 Carb

First off, this is a beautiful-looking cigar. I am anxiously waiting to discern the various flavours hoping it will deliver. It opens with some cedar, cream, musty wood, and a little sweetness. At first, the flavours are a bit difficult to separate but then a few draws in pepper makes its debut and seems to bring some clarity with it. Ultimately, the dominant flavours remain to be creamy sweetness, a bit of pepper, cedar, and earth on the finish. Although this cigar is not starkly complex, it is still a great smoke and the Maduro strength is definitely all there so be warned.

V770 Big Block

cao flathead v770 big blockThe V770 Big Block is a massive cigar. I am crossing my toes that it will be a good smoke because there is a lot of cigar to be had. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that this is the perfect cigar for a long relaxing smoke. It is mild and sweet with delicious notes of dark chocolate and a sweet spicy Retrohale. At some point, perhaps the mid third (this cigar is huge) I noticed unbelievably decadent notes of spicy, smoked barbeque. And even though they were not nearly as strong as I would have wanted, it sealed the deal for me. This is definitely going into my regular rotation-I am a sucker for a good meaty flavour. It was a long but enjoyable smoke perfect for slumping infront of the TV and watching one mindless murder mystery after another.

V450 Spark Plug

This small machine is one of Nicaraguan’s finest. Its Rothschild shape and Maduro color had me in before I ever took the first draw. Plus, it is the perfect size for a review. So, how did it do? The main flavors are a blend of strong, spicy, and sweet. There are strong mocha notes, with a skosh of black pepper resting on subtle earth and nutty nuances. Later, the flavours switched with earth and nutty notes in the forefront and the sweet spicy mocha notes in the background. Ultimately, the V450 Spark Plug closes with a hail of pepper, earth, and sweet nutty notes in the background.

Final Words

As you can see, the CAO Flathead family has a lot to offer. Which is your favourite CAO Flathead? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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