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  • Dean's Large Cigars Full Flavor 100 carton & pack

Dean's Large Cigars Full Flavor 100

$19.99 (You save $5.00)

    Buy Dean's Filtered Cigars Full Flavor 10x20 Pack

    Dean’s Large Full Flavor cigars offer an ideal blend of flavor and mild sweet aroma. These cigars are the perfect smoke for a light, relaxing evening or can be enjoyed with a group of close friends. People who prefer their tobacco without any artificial flavorings find these cigars appropriately flavorsome. Measuring 3 ⅞ inches in length with a ring gauge of 20, these cigars are the perfect size for brief smoke break in the course of a busy day.

    Dean’s Large Cigars are manufactured in USA and are very well known in the filtered cigars category. The filter ensures that you get a smooth smoke with every draw and makes smoking the cigars easier. These flavorful cigars can be bought in sets of 10 packs of 20 each and are packaged in attractive cartons that keep the cigars fresh. You can pair these cigars with a glass of red wine and revel in their smooth, mild aroma.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    3 ⅞ x 20 10 Packs of 20 Natural Strength Mild USA