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Oliva Serie V Lancero

Oliva Serie V Lancero

Oliva Serie V Lancero is a luxurious smoke featuring a blend of expertly aged Nicaraguan ligero tobacco grown in the rich, fertile soils of the Jalapa Valley encased in an exceptional Ecuadorian Sun Grown Habano wrapper. This blend forms complex, craveable flavors with notes of chocolate, nuts, coffee, leather and cedar dancing across your palate in a medium to full bodied smoke. This rich smoke is rolled into a robust seven inch stick with a hefty 38 ring gauge, providing an enjoyable hour smoke time. Oliva Serie V Lancero is an elegant smoke truly deserving of a place in any aficionado's humidor.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
 7 X 38 (Lancero) Box of 36  Sun Grown Habano  Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Strength Medium - Full Nicaragua 
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Tasting Notes

Oliva Serie V Cigars

Tasting Notes

Oliva Serie V is a Nicaraguan Puro. This means all the tobacco in the fillers, binder, and wrapper are Nicaraguan Cuban Seed leaves. Additionally, it is a Ligero Especial which means it's made entirely of high priming Ligero leaves.
Ligero leaves are infamous for their full body and outstanding flavor. These are the leaves found at the top section of the tree. They are thick, dark, and contain heavy oil and moisture content.

If you ever wondered why your Oliva Serie V goes out so quickly, this is why. Let's talk fillers, binder, and wrapper. Oliva Serie V encases delicately fermented premium fillers from the Jalapa Valley. It is then cloaked in a Nicaraguan binder and clothed in one of the most exquisite Habano Sun Grown Wrappers in the biz.
Modern lore has it that this decadent stogie is rolled by only a handful of the top dogs in the Tabolisa factory. This, plus the meticulous quality control has kept this legendary smoke in the spotlight for years.

How Does It Smoke?

I am positively giddy as I try to choose my Vitola. These babies are a mainstay in my humidor. I am pretty sure that after my tasting notes, you will want to get a bunch for yourself as well. Before we descend into the cornucopia of flavors, I would like to point out that this cigar goes from decadent to spectacular with a little aging. Oliva Cigars love time in the humidor.

If you could let this baby age for a couple of months, even better. Also, I found that allowing your Oliva Serie V to dry out a little before lighting will eliminate the issue of relighting altogether. Usually, a few hours will be enough to reduce the moisture content. But that's just me.

Oliva Serie V Belicoso


Oh, I decided to go with a Belicoso. Men, this thing is a beauty!
My Belicoso adorns a flawless, uniformly colored, silky, oily wrapper with no veins and an impeccable triple cap. The seam work is so exquisite; you can't even find it. Off the sheath, I get sweet, pleasant notes of mocha, hints of walnuts with shy leather undertones. This stogie is densely packed-you can tell from the weight. But the draw could not be more perfect.

First Third

From the first draw, I can already tell this is going to be a flavor bomb. It is incredibly smooth fronting coffee relish, some cedar, and somewhat of a peppery storm. Smoke output is above par as is the burn line.

A few draws in, layers of creamy, powerful decadence begin to manifest. The pepper zing all but disappears. Marzipan tang and woody earth nuances take over. There are apparent but fleeting fruity and floral notes. Retrohale picks up a bit of white pepper plus cinnamon spice with a leathery cedar base. Once in a while, chocolate, sweet nuts, and barnyard nuances zoom in and out. I attribute the sweet notes to the Ligero leaves.

Mid Third

This cigar burns slow. I have been at it for close to 40 minutes now. But who's complaining?
As my Belicoso eases into the mid-third, pepper comes back with a vengeance. I can taste it on my tongue and a little on my lips. But here's why this is one of the most luxurious smokes of all time.

Even though I can feel the pepper on my lips and tongue, it's not in the smoke. The smoke is all about a rich intensity of leather and scrumptious mocha piquancy dancing all over my palate. Deep underneath there are tiny mossy/peat notes that I almost missed were it not for the peppery espresso Retrohale with a woody disposition.
Towards the end of the mid-third, there is an uprising of cedar zing backed by a raisin-like sweetness.

I just realized I haven't spoken about strength yet. Methinks you wouldn't care too much about the power either if you were on a luxury cruise to stogie heaven. Motormouth aside, the strength to me, is a strong medium. Not quite up to full strength yet. Smoke output is still ideal with a solid burn line.

Final Third

All I can say is wowie wow wow!

This bad boy went dark! The strength goes up a helluva lot more cranking up this bad boy to full strength.
Predominant flavors as we go into the final third are strong espresso notes with a little heat from the spice and pepper. For the first time, I can taste rich tobacco notes in the background.

Surprisingly, even with the apparent upward trajectory of strength, this cigar is supremely balanced. My smoking experience is still silky smooth. Basically, I feel like a buoy happily bobbling on the waves of richness and complexity.

Motormouth! Towards the nub, dark bitter chocolate bite, black licorice, and pepper pick up the slack. Coffee and cedar flavors backed by peppery wood zing hold down the fort.

As the smell of burning fingers rents the air, I realize its time to put my nub down. My Belicoso went for almost an hour and a half. It was just as I remembered, absolutely aristocratic.

Oliva Serie V Price Point

For such a fine cigar, Oliva Serie V is very reasonably priced. You can get these babies for between $7 and $12 a pop depending on the Vitola. Also, since it has been in the market for so long, if you look hard enough, you will find unbelievable deals. If you time your shopping well, you can stock your humidor for $6 a stick or less!

Why You Should Smoke an Oliva Serie V

For one, this is hand down one of the finest, most complex cigars in the history of ever! That should be enough.
Further, it is incredibly consistent with no issues to speak of. And finally, the price point is excellent. You can make the Oliva Serie V your go-to smoke for any day of the week.

Wrapping Up

Unbeknownst to you, Oliva Serie V is a hallmark cigar in the humidors of cigar aficionados all over the world. Make room for these delectable treats today.

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