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Quorum Shade Robusto

Quorum Shade Robusto

After the success of the Quorum Natural, many cigar smokers began asking for a milder version of that cigar, and then the Quorum Shade Robusto was introduced. The Quorum Shade Robusto is the lighter side of the Quorum brand. It is a mild to medium cigar that offers smooth and flavorful smoke with the same great dependability and high quality of the original. The Quorum Shade Robusto still has spicy notes to it, but the Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian wrapper allows the cigar to be more of a mild smoke than the original Quorum. The Quorum Shade Robusto is the perfect everyday cigar that really can be smoked at any time during the day because it is very mild and smooth. When you light one up, the quality and balance of complexity will have you wondering how you got this cigar at such a great price.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
4 3/4 x 50 (Robusto) Bundle of 20 Ecuadorian Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Strength Mild Nicaragua
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Tasting Notes

Quorum Cigars

Tasting Notes

My Maduro Robusto gives off a dry wood, barnyard aroma. It has a Sumatra Sun grown wrapper and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The construction is solid, slightly veiny, and the seams are visible but tightly sealed. The cigar feels lightweight, probably because it's a short filler. The cold draw is excellent with just enough resistance. Beware of specks of tobacco flying into your mouth. There are hints of cedar, a bit of spice, and a heavy presence of dark chocolate flavor in the draw.

First Third

The first draw is excellent with lots of smoke. The flavor, as well as the texture of the smoke, is smooth. There is a strong earthy, nutty, chocolatey flavor in the front of the palate. A kick of spice is felt in the retrohale along with notes of nutmeg and leather. I also noticed a fleeting, slightly sweet black licorice taste on my lips. The strength at this point stands at a light to medium. The burn is consistent, and the ash is a fine silver-gray with no flaking.

Middle Third

The flavors continue to develop with a bit more spice. The strength has moved up a notch, and now the cigar is a solid medium. There is still tons of smoke, heavy chocolate undertones, and the spicy kick is developing a bit of heat. The burn at this point is average. There are small troughs in the burn line but not serious enough to require a touchup. The ash holds up pretty well for up to an inch. Even though the flavors in this stogie have not made any dramatic transitions, they are pronounced and enjoyable enough to keep me interested.

Final Third

Towards the end of this smoke, the strength develops some more. For me, it remains a strong medium, not quite up to full strength. The zesty chocolate and spice tones stay consistent. Notes of toasty ginger are quite strong in the retrohale cemented by an earthy, chocolate finish. I never experienced any bitterness or gross aftertaste in this smoke. The burn never gets razor sharp, but it does not wither, canoe or peak. The stub is warmer than I am used to but not too hot to draw. The cap holds up very well until the end. This is a one hour smoke at best.

The Cost Versus the Value of Quorum Cigars

Quorum cigars rank among the least expensive cigars on the market. On average, Quorum cigars are $1-$2 a pop which is quite reasonable. The value, however, does not lay in the price; the value is in the quality of the smoke. Every stogie enthusiast knows the quality of Arturo Fuente tobaccos. The J.C. Newman company does not skimp on the production process of Quorum cigars because they are inexpensive. Instead, they have established consistency in their mixed filler, binders, and wrappers to create thoroughly consistent cigars.Quorum cigars are a cut above the rest of other bundle cigars on the market.

How do Quorum Cigars Fly under the Radar at Tobacconists?

Quorum cigars can be successfully dubbed the best-kept secret in the stogie world. As earlier stated, Quorums do not create the fuss that is so typical with other brands of cigars. However, their value is well known in the stogie world. Aficionados as well as regulars, like myself, know the value of having a few Quorums in your humidor at all times. It is a great everyday smoke that delivers value without breaking the bank.

Why are Quorums the Number One Selling Bundle Cigars in the US?

Quorums are overall great smokes. Outside of the fact that they are low-priced, they come in three blends which a majority of stogie lovers can relate to. Personally, Quorum cigars appeal to me because of the way they are constructed. They come pretty close to offering the same value as long-filler cigars but on short-filler prices. I like that the fillers are authentic and the binders, as well as the wrappers, are of the same quality as those of more expensive brands.

Quorum Cigar Wrappers

As earlier mentioned, Quorum Cigars come in three blends. Even though all the fillers are Nicaraguan, there are three different wrappers and two different binders in the construction of Quorum Cigars.

1.The Classic

The classic wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper. This wrapper is delightfully sweet and smooth with a toasty-cedar flavor. Being a sun-grown wrapper, the strength is medium, and it goes perfectly with a Nicaraguan binder.

2.The Shade

The Shade wrapper features an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf. As the name suggests, it is a shade-grown wrapper which makes it mellow in strength. It delivers a spicy kick with smooth nuttiness. The shade wrapper pairs well with a Nicaraguan binder.

3.The Maduro

The Maduro is a rich Sumatra Sungrown wrapper. Thanks to the sun exposure, the Maduro exudes a spicy, sweet, and rich taste. It is medium-bodied with notes of dark chocolate flavor. The Maduro is paired with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder.

Ultimately, a Quorum cigar is a great everyday cigar. Now you too are in on the secret.

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